1. I had to empty a bit out so I could mix it. I had no other container to use….

  2. Always loved the Gold and White scheme of Hurst Oldsmobiles. 

  3. fuckyeahvintage-retro:

    Chicago Auto Show, 1966 © Dave Gelinas

    These are awesome! 

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  4. Super clean Pinto Wagon. Love the pinstriping and white walls. 

  5. hanabellelafrancaise:


    "Dear GOD"


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  6. automotivated:

    Z Speeder trooper by Mr.TOTEM on Flickr.

    Hell. Yes. 

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  7. I’m a fan of the new Colorado, but I’d definitely rather have the ‘71.

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  9. buttpee:

    “If I paint a wild horse, you might not see the horse… but surely you will see the wildness!”

    ~ Pablo Picasso

    (Harley Concept that Never was *sigh*)

    Bring back Buell!

  10. thatyellowvolvoguy:


    G’night! #ford #hotrod #hamb #automotivedesign (at North Forty)

    very cool!

  11. shakotanprincess:


    snowy days.

    It looks like it did a bunch of cocaine

    Scar Face F40

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  12. gashetka:

    2014 | Jaguar E-Type Lightweight | Source

    AMG GT has the same rear end lol.

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  13. Ugghhh I want one of thesee

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  14. I think they did a nice job with this car. 

  15. itailian13:



    Hahaha yes


    I want this to be me

    Anti-lag it and scare the shit out of the attendant. 

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